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THREE WISHES FOR SONDHEIMAS March 22, 2014 - 54 Below Created by David Levy & Rachel Shukert BAND: Jose Simbulan (piano, music director), Steven Cuevas (strings), Charlie Rosen (drums) Filmed by Shoshana Feinstein - http://famousinny.com
"I'll Be Here" from Adam Gwon's "Ordinary Days" at Friends with Benefits: a benefit for BC/EFA at the Metropolitan Room 2/2/09



For Something to Dance About (New York City Ballet in Saratoga, '18)

"Vocalist Leah Horowitz weaved her gorgeous voice through numbers from Peter Pan, Gypsy, The King and I and more while the dancers strutted their best Broadway moves onstage." -TheWonderfulWorldofDance.com


For Guys and Dolls (Great Lakes Theater, '13):

"Sister Sarah is played by Leah Horowitz, a versatile performer who brings operatic precision to the standards "I'll Know" and "If I Were a Bell" and a comedienne's loose-limbed elasticity to her scenes of drunken abandon after she is whisked to Havana by Sky. (In a move worthy of Carol Burnett, Horowitz tries to approximate the moves of a hotsy-totsy Cuban hoofer and winds up upside-down in Sky's arms, her red wool skirt up around her ears, her legs paddling empty space.)"
-The Plain Dealer

"Also excellent is Leah Horowitz as Sarah Brown, turning her character's alcoholic meltdown into a hilarious, limbs akimbo event. Her loopy rendition of "If I Were a Bell" brings out all the fun of Loesser's foray into the subjunctive mood. Even though her Sarah sobers up when back in Manhattan, Horowitz keeps the charm percolating under the surface."

"Beautiful Horowitz, her soprano gorgeous to boot, is perfect as the prim and proper Sarah, who declares she will never fall in love with a gambler but does."
-Cleveland Jewish News

"...the very sheltered mission director Sarah Brown [is] played by the incredible soprano Leah Horowitz. ...her vocals are, in a word, ridiculous. Ridiculously strong that is."
-CBS Radio, Cleveland


For Fiddler on the Roof (Sacramento Music Circus, '12):

"[Leah] Horowitz does a beautiful job with the moving "Far From the Home I Love."  - BroadwayWorld.com


For Follies (Ahmanson Theatre, '12):

"Carol Neblett and Leah Horowitz deliver an absolutely ravishing "One More Kiss."  - Robert Hofler, Variety

" “One More Kiss” by the aging Heidi was stellar with contralto Carol Neblett and her young counterpart from the past, Leah Horowitz. These ladies did a duet together and I and others were moved to tears. It was a hauntingly chilling and breathtakingly beautiful number."
-Audry Linden, The Examiner

"Still-plangent Carol Neblett and crystalline Leah Horowitz are exquisite as old and young Heidi Schiller in “One More Kiss.”"
-David C Nichols, Backstage

""One More Kiss"... [is] haunting (and spectacularly sung) "  -Ragemonthly.com


For Follies (Kennedy Center and Broadway, '11):

"Did I mention much of the cast is mirrored by actors playing their younger selves? This works most beautifully when Rosalind Elias and Leah Horowitz perform the light operetta sort of tune "One More Kiss." The elderly Heidi sings gloriously until the young Heidi appears behind her to belt it out even more beautifully. ...It's truly touching on so many levels."
 - Michael Giltz, HuffingtonPost.com

"Biggest surprise is the Franz Lehar/Victor Herbert pastiche "One More Kiss," from opera singer Rosalind Elias and Leah Horowitz as her younger ghost, which unaccountably stops the show." - Steven Suskin, Variety

"The surprise of the night for me was the charm of “One More Kiss,” done in operetta style by Rosalind Elias singing with her younger self, the beautiful Leah Horowitz. The audience went wild..." - Liz Smith, wowowow.com

"The opera singer Rosalind Elias and Leah Horowitz, who plays her younger doppelganger, ...create a moving duet of “One More Kiss”..." -  Washington Post

"...the venerable Met mezzo Rosalind Elias in "One More Kiss" [is] exquisitely echoed by Leah Horowitz as her younger self." - Howard Kissel, HuffingtonPost.com

"Rosalind Elias [sings] "One More Kiss" (a duet with the enchantingly-voiced Leah Horowitz as her younger self)..." - BroadwayWorld.com

"...opera star Rosalind Elias and Leah Horowitz gorgeously sing "One More Kiss"..." - Theatermania.com

""One More Kiss" -- its exquisite edge [is] provided by Rosalind Elias as Heidi Schiller and, as younger Heidi, Leah Horowitz. " - David Finkle, HuffingtonPost.com

"Rosalind Elias and Leah Horowitz contribute a haunting "One More Kiss"..." - Backstage

"In the second act of...Follies, legendary opera diva, Rosalind Elias...sings Sondheim's haunting nod to operetta, "One More Kiss." Behind her, we see the ghost of her younger self, played and sung flawlessly by Leah Horowitz, who joins her in song." - Naughty But Nice Rob, HuffingtonPost.com

"A perfectly grand Rosalind Elias and an exquisite Leah Horowitz make the lovely most of their “One More Kiss” aria. " - New Jersey Newsroom

"Kudos also to Rosalind Elias as the opera singer (“One More Kiss,” sung with a glorious Leah Horowitz as her younger self)" - Times Square Chronicles

"And feel the way that theater can get at the ineffable when Rosalind Elias, still blessed with a lovely classical voice after a 50 year career, sings “One More Kiss” while her younger self, Leah Horowitz, effortlessly sales to higher notes at her side. It’s a simple moment, delicately staged, and yet it speaks volumes about the pull of time and the joys of an intelligent, singular musical like Follies." - TheBroadwayBlog.com


For Showboat (The Muny, '10):

"Leah Horowitz makes for a very appealing Magnolia, and displays a powerful voice as well..." - Broadwayworld.com

"Leah Horowitz demonstrates a magnificent voice and appealing demeanor as Magnolia..." - Ladue News

""You Are Love"...arguably the most soaring duet in all musical theater, [is] gorgeously sung by [Danny] Gurwin and [Leah] Horowitz."- Riverfront Times

"As the sweetly virtuous Nola and the gambling man she falls for, Gaylord Ravenal, Leah Horowitz and Danny Gurwin blend their voices beautifully in the romantic duets “Make Believe” and “You Are Love.” - stltoday.com


                                                                                                   For Les Miserables:
“The love triangle is especially well-realized in the tender acting and fine singing of Leah Horowitz’s sensitive Cosette, Anderson Davis’ innocent Marius and Sarah Shahinian’s plucky, lovelorn Eponine. Their Heartful of Love trio is a major vocal highlight.” – Houston Chronicle (review of the Theatre Under the Stars production, ’09)

“Leah Horowitz, as Valjean's "adopted" daughter Cosette, bring[s] just the right in-the-dark quality to "In My Life" ” – Chicago Sun-Times (review of the Marriott Lincolnshire production, ’08)

                                                                                        For Emma (NYMF '07):

“Leah Horowitz is a sweet-voiced, lovely, and nicely grounded Emma…” - Backstage

“Young and beautiful Emma (a terrific Leah Horowitz) matchmakes her way into trouble, and learns to grow up as a result of it.” –CurtainUp

“…An exquisite cast—led by the enthralling Leah Horowitz in the title role—…[Joel Adlen] gives Horowitz ample opportunity to show off her floaty, silvery high notes in Emma's many solos.” – Offoffonline.com

“Leah Horowitz is a beautiful Emma, singing with a sweet sympathetic tone and acting the part as well as Gwyneth Paltrow did in the film.” – Broadway Bridge and Tunnel Test